I am a throughly and consistently satisfied, nourished and nurtured Aura client. In fact, while I have visited this day spa under its two previous management era's there is a distinct difference with Kate Pryor at the helm. I enjoy seeing the value she delivers to this remote community through her careful and generous custodianship. Like her namesake, Kate Pryor ensures I am her priority (or Pryor-ity) and from the warm greeting and booking process through to the courteous, comfortable service and follow-up I always feel in safe and respectful hands. Under the guidance of Aura staff I have explored new treatment techniques that I would never have been comfortable enough to trial before, nor would they have been available to me out here in far West NSW. The results as I age gracefully and sometimes with loud splashes of colour make me feel good and I always leave Aura glowing from within. In truth, while Aura pampers my externalities, its the treatment I receive deep within my soul that makes this place a retreat for me. Kate is a sound businesswoman, role model, leader and talented practitioner. If you see a rainbow arching over this remote mining City in the Outback then follow it to this pot of gold called Aura!

Andrea Roberts

I always look forward to my facials at Aura. The atmosphere is so welcoming and relaxed. The staff are all so friendly and helpful, It makes it easy to unwind and enjoy the experience. I also love the products Kate uses. They are all natural and make my skin feel wonderful.
Jo Bevan